black girl visibility
a conversation with nakeya brown

January 2021
by Hope Lee

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“I remember my Mom always instilled this sense of Black Girl Visibility in us as kids..."

Nakeya Brown’s work is Black Girl Visibility. Living in a time where Black womxn and girls are still rarely seen in the art space, Nakeya’s work gives light to the complexities of the Black hair experience for Black girls and womxn. Brown uses her photography to create an inclusive space for the world to be in conversation and focused on Black womxn and girls.

Upcoming Show: Better Than Good: Black Hair and the Art of Nakeya Brown Davis Gallery, Geneva NY, March 5th, 2021.

Stories of black hair are largely untold and undervalued within American history and culture. We are soliciting participation in a project that seeks to document stories about personal experiences with hair. As a marker of identity and a form of creative expression as well as a mode of resistance and oppression, hair is a complex and crucial index of one’s position within particular social and cultural contexts. This call for participation encourages submissions of various kinds including written testimonies and works of art.

View the call for submissions here.