Caldera is a mission-based, volunteer-run magazine, online platform and community. If you like the work we do and the artists we feature, please consider showing your support by donating to help us continue building a thriving, ethical creative ecosystem for BIPOC and Queer creatives.

What do these donations go towards? Let’s break it down:

Production Fees | We produce an incredibly high-quality publication, on average our magazine is $16.70 per unit to print at our local, independently owned print shop.

Contributor Compensation | Each writer, artist, and contributor to our magazine works hard, because of their dedication, work ethic and the fact that BIPOC and Queer creatives are already coping with a pay gap, we want to be able to compensate them at market rates - which can vary anywhere from $30 to $600 pending the volume of work.

Programming & Activations | Bringing our community together for educational events like our Philadelphia Inclusive Arts Festival, or to celebrate an emerging artists first solo show during our Summer Exhibition Series, are crucial components of our operating structure. These events not only generate some type of revenue for us outside of the physical magazine, but they are an opportunity to provide a safe space for our readers to connect.

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